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Your blog with GuppY 6  -  by   GuppY_Team

With GuppY 6, your blog benefits from the general evolution for display on all screens, your post will be able to be displayed and read everywhere, the only condition is to have a device with an internet connection whether it is WiFi, 4G...

You only have to take care of the content of your ticket, GuppY will do the rest, but the important thing being the content, it is up to you to decide!

You can categorize your posts, accept user posts, comments with or without administrator confirmation. For the security of your blog, it seems preferable to select Administrator confirmation if only to avoid inappropriate content.

It's your choice!

Published on 26/06/2020 16:57   | |    |


Reaction #1 

 by Papinou 26/06/2020 17:08


C'est un bon début pour votre blog. Bonne continuation !!!